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make a cookbook

Our system is the simplest, fastest, most low-cost way to produce a truly memorable, well-organized family cookbook.

Matilda's Cookbook Software
Competing software
Microsoft Word
Online coobook sites
$29.99 software
per book
Cost to print a cookbook at home
You can't
Cost to print a single cookbook at a copy shop
You can't
Compatible with recipe binders, which let you include recipe cards, hand-written notes and clippings
Designed around making printed cookbooks
Easy to use - tested on grannies and gurus!
You can easily add new recipes at no cost, allowing your recipe collection to evolve over time
You store the recipes locally, meaning they sit on your computer instead of a faceless company that may delete or sell your recipes without consulting you
Easy to reprint extra books for friends or family
Automatically alphabetizes and organizes recipes
Includes as many as 27 different print templates that you can use as many as you want
Includes an easy calendar maker, address book, cover maker and family tree maker at no extra charge


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