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5 reasons you are a Cookbook People person

1. You're people like us. 

Erin and Ted of Cookbook People

We're the wife and husband team who are fanatical about designing heirloom quality, personalized, sustainable kitchen gifts. Meet us.

2. You can talk to us whenever you like. 

We reply to info@cookbookpeople.com within (on average) 1.7 hours. Email me at erin@cookbookpeople.com. Email Ted at ted@cookbookpeople.com

3. You like bargains.

You are buying direct from the manufacturer. Shop here and get the best prices we offer anywhere.

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4. You love high quality, sustainable, unique gifts. 

Ted and I design most of our products ourselves, and with over 5000 positive reviews from our great customers, we think we're pretty good at it. We constantly upgrade our designs, and our staff does a wonderful job of quality checking everything before it goes out. We try to design our products as much as possible with sustainable materials (bamboo is my favorite!)

5. You roll up your sleeves in the kitchen, just like our other customers: