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Extra Large Two Door Bamboo Bread Box - Store 3 Loaves + 50 Tortillas - Adjustable Shelf Counter Top Cabinet - Mini Kitchen Cupboard Storage - Easy Self Assembly

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Self-Assembly Large Bread Box


  • QUICK-LOAF BREADBOX: Loaf faces you, letting you remove bread slices without taking loaf out of bread bin
  • HUGE BUT NARROW: Holds 3 full loaves + 27 English muffins, yet is narrower than 90% of breadboxes
  • DUAL DOORS: Doors stay open when in use, but are never left open because they close at an angle
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELF: Inner shelf adjusts to 4 different settings for double layer, or remove entirely
  • VERSATILE: Use as an extra kitchen cabinet. Storage for crackers, cookies, condiments, spices, etc.


It's Quicker to Use. Nearly all breadboxes store bread sideways so you can't access bread without removing it from the box. With your Quick-Loaf Breadbox, you store bread with the bag facing toward you. It's a little thing, but it makes sandwich-making easier and faster.

It Stores a LOT. In the photo shown, we have 3 full loaves of bread (with extra room for longer loaves), 8 tortillas, and a package of 12 english muffins. And it's still not full. If you don't need all the space for bread, use the shelf to store a cutting board, bread knife or other kitchen items. The smooth 11 x 11 1/4" top acts like an extra shelf too.

It Doesn't Take Up Much Space. Considering it's so big, it's shocking how narrow it is. By storing bread facing you, it takes up much less horizontal space on the counter top. It is deeper than most breadboxes, but we find that doesn't really matter. On most counters there isn't enough space to make a sandwich in front of the breadbox anyway, so it's wasted space.

The Doors Get Closed. Our old roll-top breadbox would often get left open. It made the kitchen messier. With this "cabinet-style" system, it becomes second nature to close the door after every use, keeping things sleek and tidy.

It's Adjustable. The middle shelf can be moved higher or lower depending on how you like it. Perfect for oddly sized breads.

It Doesn't Have To Be A Breadbox. This is a handy cabinet you can also use to organize smaller items in a bathroom, garage, laundry room or kid's room.

Get Knobs that Match Your Cabinets. We include bamboo door knobs, but you can replace with your own knobs to match your décor.

Self Assembly. We've included full color instructions that we tested repeatedly with unsuspecting friends. In each case it took about 10 minutes to assemble with a Philips screwdriver (not included).

Assembled Dimensions: 14 3/4" wide x 15 3/4" deep x 11" tall.

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