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Dragonfly 10in Circle Maple Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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Maple Chopping Board with Juice Groove

Round maple cutting board with juice groove 10.5 inch across diameter Maple wood.

 Personalized Circular Cutting Board

This beautiful round solid maple wood cutting board is a must have for every kitchen. This board is 10 ½ inches in diameter, lightweight and an ideal size for last-minute prep work or, better yet, to serve the cheese right on the table.  Attractive enough to be used as a serving plate, yet functional and durable for everyday use. With the proper care, this solid maple board can last a lifetime! A good cutting board can go a long way in the kitchen.

A good hardwood cutting board is a great investment. It provides a durable and practical cutting surface. A wood cutting board will not dull your knives, it looks great and it is a natural product. Whether you are cutting meat, vegetables, breads or cheese, a wood cutting board is an essential tool in any kitchen.

This beautiful maple cutting board is easy to maintain, simply wash with warm water, rinse and let dry. Apply cutting board oil regularly.

Juice Groove

Groove on same side as engraving: Many customers love the way the groove forms a natural frame for the artwork. If you think this board will be mostly enjoyed for its ornamental aspects, this option might make more sense. This is our default setting, and is as it is shown in the pictures.

Groove on opposite side of engraving: If you want a more functional board that has a catcher for meat and other juice runoff, select this option. The user may go years without ever using their knife on the engraved side. However, the engraving will appear on the completely flat side of the board, which may be slightly less visually interesting.