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Any Windows PC made in the past 6-8 years will have no problem running this program. 

256 MB RAM minimum (512 recommended)
150 MB free hard-drive space (C:\ Drive only)
Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP (Service Pack 2 must be installed for XP--it's a really good idea to install this anyway. It is free.)

You must have an internet connection to activate our software, although you don't need it to run it afterwards. Your recipes are stored on your computer, not the internet. The internet connection is only needed to verify you've bought a legal copy of our product (sadly, we have to do this to prevent software piracy). You may install the software on up to 3 computers. Please contact us if you'd like to install it on more than three computers and we can work with you.

Our software is not compatible with Macintosh/Apple unless using software called Parallels to run a Windows operating system. We can not help you set up Parallels, but a number of our customers like it and there are many resources on the internet to help you do that.