Sustainable Bamboo Kitchenware

There are lots of things we love about bamboo. We always loved oak in our kitchens, but as we started using bamboo it became obvious that it was going to become our #1 option, and not just because it's at least half the price as oak. 

Better than oak. Better for the Environment.

• Bamboo can be ready for harvest in 1-5 years. Oak can take 40 years. This means oak takes 8X to 40X as much land to produce the same yield as bamboo. This makes bamboo much more affordable and sustainable.

• Bamboo absorbs 35% more CO2 than similar stands of oak and other hardwoods.

• Bamboo roots remain after harvest, protecting soil. Oak must be clear-cut and the roots burned, damaging topsoil and encouraging erosion.

Bamboo hardness vs Oak and other hardwoods