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Bread Monster Bamboo Bread Box

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Bread Box Close Up of Lid

Bread Monster Box

Need a place to store cookies between the oven and some greedy child's mouth? The Bread Monster Box is great for storing bread, cupcakes or whatever. Never feel guilty again for diving into the carbs, because the Bread Monster Box (complete with Action Nose Handle) completely sympathizes.

Rollup Bread Box Opened

Bread box close

This is a really nice roll-top bread box that is only available here at, because we do the custom design work on the top ourselves here in Boise, Idaho, USA. The delightful honey color of Bamboo is produced entirely naturally, without the use of stain or paint, through a special heating process that caramelizes the sugar in the wood. This is made bamboo, a wood that is a naturally replenishing grass and one of the world's most renewable resources. Dimensions: 15-3/4-inch by 10-3/4-inch by 6-3/4-inch. Extreme changes in temperature, humidity and dryness effect wood; store away from heat and sunlight in a well-ventilated spot. Wipe clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly; rub occasionally with mineral oil to maintain appearance.

Your engraved design will differ, but here's how it looks with bread in it:

Bread box engraved with bread in it

Being made from natural wood and engraved individually, all our organization boxes are unique. Please be aware that the box you receive and the tone of the engraving may vary from the pictures on our site.

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