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Cookbook Stands: Hold It Vertical

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Save space and display your cookbook with a stylish cookbook stand or holder.

Many of our customers want a nice way to display their lovely recipe binders in the kitchen (and keep spills off). These cookbook stands do just that, while also keeping the pages open.
Here's a short video to demonstrate our cookbook stands:

Saving counter space can be hard, even in the most spacious of kitchens. In smaller kitchens, it can be an outright battle to find a place to put a cookbook as well as make your meal. With a cookbook stand you can save space by keeping your cookbook upright as well as protect your cookbook’s pages.

Our wooden stands are the perfect solution for any kitchen, and come in a variety of sizes to fit any recipe binder. The soothing wood base makes a great addition to any kitchen decor, and the splash guard helps prevent spills and messes from getting on the pages. Looking to save more space? Our under the cabinet stand is perfect for keeping your book off the counter completely, and even folds away when not in use.

These stands make a great addition to any size kitchen and also a great gift to any cook looking to save space. Functional, beautiful, and practical, these stands are sure to delight!