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Half Page Wood/Acrylic Cookbook Stand - Maple

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Cookbook Stand - natural maple and acrylic

This cookbook stand is designed to accommodate a half-page binder. We've found that it can hold a full-page binder, though not as well. Measurements are 12" wide and 4" deep.

Maple Wood and Acrylic Cookbook Stand - A Wonderful Addition to any Kitchen

Living in an apartment or small house, it can be hard to learn to deal with using a smaller kitchen. Often times, the cookbook or recipe binder takes up necessary counter space making it harder to lay out ingredients or prepare a meal in multiple bowls. Other times, messes such as flour or liquids will spill, ruining your beautiful recipe cards and binder covers.  We’ve found the ultimate solution with this beautiful maple and acrylic cookbook stand. This delightful stand measures 12 inches wide and 4 inches deep and works best with our half-page recipe binders. While it might be able to hold some smaller full-page binders, it’s best to use this with a half-page recipe book. 

These stands are all made in the USA with wonderful high-quality materials and will last for many years in your kitchen. The front acrylic splash guard folds down easily to allow you to place your binder or quickly turn the page, and is large enough to deter any splashes or smudges from ruining your book. The wooden base is a soothing maple, a color and style that pairs well with any kitchen design. The back acrylic piece holds your recipes at the perfect angle, making it easy to read as you work.

This stand is great, even in larger kitchens and homes as it helps free up space and keeps your recipes clean and looking nice, even if your blender or mixer decides to create a mess! Wouldn’t it be nice to give or receive this stand as a gift along with a half-page recipe binder? Cook with ease and peace of mind while having extra room in your kitchen and pamper yourself or a loved one with this simple yet durable holder for all your recipe needs.

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