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Full Page 4x6 Recipe Card Protectors For 3-Ring Binder 10ea

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Fits full page recipe binders

- Great for recipe cards or family photos
- Includes 10 sheets.
- Each sheet holds 2  4x6 recipe cards, so if you go double-sided, you can do a total of 40 recipe cards (10 sheets x 2 per page x 2 sided)
- Transparent page--despite image above, you can see through the front and back, so you can feature two recipes or photos back-to-back
- These fit perfectly with the tabs of almost all our full size binders. Please be aware however that on the Custom Designed Family Recipe Book binders, the protectors will overlap the tabs. 

Overall dimensions - 11.0 x 8.5"

So your Grandma painstakingly wrote down all of her lovely family recipes for you, and you have nowhere to put them. Instead, you have them in a silly pile by the stove, a great place for them to accumulate the various stains and colors of your cooking! Now some are even so smudged that you’re not sure if that’s “1 tsp of baking powder” or something else. But don’t despair! These recipe card protectors are the perfect solution for you.

They easily fit into any 8.5 x 11 sized binder (but wouldn’t they look so much cuter in a matching cooking recipe book?) and are the perfect size not only to include the recipe, but a photo as well. A visual guide to each recipe is a great way to ensure you know what your finished product will look like. Each set holds up to 40 recipes perfect for the beginner to advanced cook. Each pocket holds a 4x6 recipe card snugly, so you won’t have to worry about it falling out and getting dirty. Now you can easily organize your recipes, and pull out the page needed while you cook. What’s even better is now your recipes can easily be wiped clean if they acquire any special “flavors” during your cooking session.

These binder pages make a great refill to add to an already established recipe binder, or would even look nice as part of a cooking gift! To make a great gift, simply pick the binder of your choice, add in the recipe pages, and even include some of your own recipes for your recipient to get started. You can customize your gift by mixing and matching with any recipe binder or recipe card set. Wouldn’t it be great to receive your own personalized cookbook?

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