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Custom Personalized Engraving and Various Services Miscellaneous Store Credits

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Only use this if we need to bill you additionally for something a little out of the ordinary. We find this a handy way to take care of:

Custom engraving requests

Merchandise adjustments: Purchase of negotiated merchandise not featured in our store, or a negotiated extra price to pay for a closeout.

Shipping adjustments: For example, should your order go through and we needed to make a special quote for an international order (outside the US) or a bulk order, we will direct you on how many credits to buy.

Gift card purchases: If you happen to have a debit gift card or two or one of our gift certificates you want to use up (plus a little more), we can use this to let you do so. We'll need to coordinate this with you.

How it works:
Each quantity you purchase represents $0.99 (US). So if we instruct you to purchase a quantity of 45 of this product, you will be charged $44.55.

No shipping and handling charge will apply to this charge.

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