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Sample Cookbook Pages

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Cookbook Software Prints Your Family Cookbook For Free At Home!

The Cookbook People are so devoted to documenting family recipes, we made our own cookbook software!

Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook Software is more than just an incredibly easy way to make all of your recipes look fantastic. You can also use it to:

• Quickly select a front cover that makes your book pop out.

• Build a recipe table of contents with one click of a button.

• Create a mini-family tree by documenting all the biographies in your family.

• Know exactly who's birthdays are in April.

• Design a back cover so you can thank the cast of thousands who helped you put it together.

Best of all, you can print it out on your home computer as many times as you want for free!

Click on the images above to see all 27 templates

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Works great with these systems:

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Vista or

Windows XP

Nationally recognized
national news


Easy to use!

Focus on your recipes, not on the software. Matilda works great for grannies and gurus. Install it and within minutes you'll be on your way. Many of our customers have used Matilda as an fun, stress-free way to learn how to use a computer.

It features 27 different print templates, including a variety of religious, cultural and design themes.
Your printed cookbook will feature: Front cover, Table of Contents, Recipes, Address Book, Biography/Family Tree, Birthday Calendar, Back Cover. All sections will reflect any of the 27 layouts you choose. 100+ free recipes included. Samples of templates and a video demo are at the Cookbook People website.

Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

This cookbook software also features a measurement converter, a recipe card printer, and the ability to easily make custom cookbooks with your own front cover and custom pages.

•• Make a family cookbook. Write a cookbook, organize a cookbook and print a cookbook with this easy-to-use
•• Extremely easy to use. Designed for grandma or guru. Great for family reunions.
•• Layout is automatic. Just type in recipes, select a design, and hit print.
•• 27 design layouts. Large & small type sizes.
•• Bonus: Print an address book, birthday calendar, family tree
The software is designed to be incredibly easy, making it an ideal product for somebody looking to learn how to use a computer. Yet it has so many features that even advanced users will enjoy its versatility.

System Requirements:Windows Vista, Windows XP-Service Pack 2, Windows 7, Windows 8; Will run without internet access.

Recipes can be organized by type, such as Cookies or Salads

Print to match our Half Page Binders (5.5&8.5") or Full Page Binders (8.5x11")

Reprint as many pages as you like. You can always just move around the pages in your recipe binder.

Each of these required no formatting. Just a click of a menu and it was done.

Add photos of family and friends

Add a Table of Contents


The following are more than 30 pages taken from actual family cookbooks created with Matilda's Cookbook Software.


Matilda features 27 different family cookbook templates.

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