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Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook Software (CD or Download)

  • 27 cookbook templates included
  • Add recipe & family photos
  • Add a table of contents
  • Easy to use for grannies & gurus
  • Alphabetizes recipes for you
  • Print as often as you want for FREE
  • Free trial


Family Cookook Software

Click here to download a free trial.

 The Cookbook People are so devoted to documenting family recipes, we made our own cookbook software.

Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook Software is more than just an incredibly easy way to make all of your recipes look fantastic. You can also use it to:

• Quickly select a front cover that makes your book pop out.

• Build a recipe table of contents with one click of a button.

• Create a mini-family tree by documenting all the biographies in your family.

• Know exactly who's birthdays are in April.

• Design a back cover so you can thank the cast of thousands who helped you put it together.

Best of all, you can print it out on your home computer as many times as you want for free!

Easy to use!

Focus on your recipes, not on the software. Matilda works great for grannies and gurus. Install it and within minutes you'll be on your way. Many of our customers have used Matilda as an fun, stress-free way to learn how to use a computer.

It features 27 different print templates, including a variety of religious, cultural and design themes.
Your printed cookbook will feature: Front cover, Table of Contents, Recipes, Address Book, Biography/Family Tree, Birthday Calendar, Back Cover. All sections will reflect any of the 27 layouts you choose. 100+ free recipes included. Samples of templates and a video demo are at the Cookbook People website.

Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. Will run without internet access.

This cookbook software also features a measurement converter, a recipe card printer, and the ability to easily make custom cookbooks with your own front cover and custom pages.

•• Make a family cookbook. Write a cookbook, organize a cookbook and print a cookbook with this easy-to-use
•• Extremely easy to use. Designed for grandma or guru. Great for family reunions.
•• Layout is automatic. Just type in recipes, select a design, and hit print.
•• 27 design layouts. Large & small type sizes.
•• Bonus: Print an address book, birthday calendar, family tree
The software is designed to be incredibly easy, making it an ideal product for somebody looking to learn how to use a computer. Yet it has so many features that even advanced users will enjoy its versatility.

Recipes can be organized by type, such as Cookies or Salads

Print to match our
Half Page Binders (5.5&8.5")
or Full Page Binders (8.5x11")


Reprint as many pages as you like.

You can always just move around
the pages in your recipe binder.

Each of these required no formatting.
Just a click of a menu and it was done.

Choose half-page or full-page printing





Add photos of family and friends

Add a Table of Contents



The following are more than
30 pages taken from actual
family cookbooks created
with Matilda's Cookbook Software.



Matilda features 27 different family cookbook templates.













Add an Address Book:




Click here to download a free trial.



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  1. Fantastic

    Posted by on

    Very easy to use. My only complaint is that you cannot change the headings that are already on the templates. Love that I do not have to spell every ingredient. It has most of them

  2. Beginning Review

    Posted by on

    wish I had ordered CD as I needed help with the download. I'm not very brave removing programs.
    I think it will be good for what I want, as i can include some genealogy. A later review would be needed. Still would like some blank pages to scan some old recipes in their own writing .Would prefer to make my own heading for a category. Hope I can get help when adding photos- think this will be great adding some ancestors.

  3. Expected more

    Posted by on

    The product was ok. I expected more from it i guess. not at all what i thought i was going to be getting.

  4. Would recommend this product to any inspiring cook.

    Posted by on

    I have been using your software and find it easy to use. I have only one question, as to products that you sell, why don't you have more divider packages and folder pockets to be placed into your recipe binders. When you receive recipes from friends and family that our hand written I would like to save them in the book. Having some folder pockets dividers would be a nice touch.

  5. A great gift for anyone who want all the family favorite recipes.

    Posted by on

    I bought this software for myself as a Christmas Gift. You see my 11 old Granddaughter told me at Thanksgiving that she want all my recipes, so she would have the recipes she, cousins, Aunts and her Mom always loved. With a recipe book of my recipes everyone would have their special treats and meals forever

  6. Very user friendly.

    Posted by on

    I have been using this program for a few years now. I have tried a lot of different programs and found this one was the best for me. Really love it. Bought a few for friends for Christmas gifts. They also love it.

  7. Thank you!

    Posted by on

    I just received the software today (great rush job!!!! Thank you) and we are going to take advantage of loading it on 3 computers so we can divide the recipes and get them typed in faster. Question...I do not see a way to merge the files from three separate computers and in searching the forum there is no answer there except email to you and you will merge. how do we merge files from three different computers to make one cookbook?

    Can't wait to get started with the software. I've never seen a group of people more giddy!!!! Thank you!

  8. Love Cookbooking

    Posted by on

    Only problem so far is that I had already started my family cookbook and so I am copying and pasting to the sections I am supposed to and yet I have to edit the paste and it doesn't maintain any of my fonts or format. but other than that I am ok with this software. I will just have to see how it looks when I am finished. will let ya know how it turns out

  9. So far so good!

    Posted by on

    Plugging in the recipes is pretty easy once I figured out how to actually upload the program to my computer. It was a bit tricky, but finally worked.
    I am a stickler for consistency, so I wish the recipe builder would default templates listing a block for Ingredients, Directions, etc, so I don't have to retype each time I start a recipe.

    I still have not begun the book process, but I will try to post another comment when I get there!

  10. Good Softeware

    Posted by on

    I like the software I just wish there was a way to print by category without having to go check each recipe in that category.

  11. Fabulous

    Posted by on

    I think the product is so great, I already ordered the upgrade. I think it will help me do even more than I've already done. I created a cookbook, on my own, a couple of years ago and while the recipes were great, it was very hard to organize. This software is excellent in helping me organize and create a "work of art". It's also great because it allows you to put bio's of all the people who contributed a recipe. It was very nostalgic, writing about my family members that have passed on

  12. Bill

    Posted by on

    Very easy to install and use, anyone can do it and will enjoy it

  13. Love it!

    Posted by on

    I make all my Christmas Gifts and a cookbook was to be my project this year. I love the cut and paste of the recipes I already have on my computer and the great page designs that I can choose from. Thank you, you have my project so much easier and it will be just beautiful when done. So happy I found this site.

  14. Good Site

    Posted by on

    I found you by looking for " Recipe Card Page Protector " of all the sites I've been on tonight yours is the only one offering what I really wanted. Thank you, Ruth

  15. Exactly what I was looking for!

    Posted by on

    This is the second version I bought. About 6 years ago, I finished my first cook book with my mother's recipes, at the time we had been working on a book for years trying different ways to organize/print her recipes without success. Finally I came across Matilda. I typed and organized her notes and papers and presented her with a beautiful book with her picture on the cover."Abuela's Recipes" I printed several copies for she to give away, she loved it, gave it to friends and family. She was very proud! She died two years later, but the book reminds us of all the great times we had eating her food.
    Now I am interested in writing recipes that I am collecting from friends and the internet.
    So easy and fun

  16. Works well but...

    Posted by on

    Could use 'save as' and 'backup' buttons as well as a 'help' button on the top bar. The program itself is easy to use and works well.

  17. Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook software

    Posted by on

    Much of it is very nice. I am only in the entering data phase. There are a couple of things that are annoying. When a recipe is completely entered, it goes back to the first recipe I entered instead of giving me a blank page. Another problem: If I see I made a mistake and go back to correct it after I have already completed the recipe, I'm...Read More

  18. Mostly love the software

    Posted by on

    I have had no trouble with the software so far and have entered almost 100 recipes for our family cookbook. However I have two things that I don't care fore. 1. By using the fractional measurent amounts it automatically puts the fraction at the end of the previous line with no space between the last letter and the fraction. Since most meas...Read More

  19. Matilda's Cookbook software

    Posted by on

    I am very pleased with this software and the price!! Tech support was very friendly and helpful with the couple questions i had. My recipe book ended up looking great and my family loved it. The only real confusion I had was understanding how to use the PDF converter I had to down load to be able to print the recipes with the graphics. Once I figured that part out everything went smoothly.... Anita B Read Less

  20. Does as it advertises

    Posted by on

    Perhaps I was being overly optimistic, but I was sort of expecting the software to also have a nutritional breakdown per serving component. Needless to say, I was disappointed to discover it did not have that option. In all other ways this software does as it advertises perfectly adequately.

  21. Like what I see so far

    Posted by on

    I have been busy and not fully used it yet but like what I am seeing on preview

  22. Easy to use

    Posted by on

    I purchased the program to make a cookbook of my mother's recipes. However, I was not able to do the book like I wanted with this program and had to create a document on my own to achieve that. Matildas is a good program, easy to use and I will use it for my personal recipe collection.

  23. It is what I was looking for, Easy to work

    Posted by on

    It is what I was looking for, Easy to work

  24. I love the program as

    Posted by on

    I love the program as far as entering recipes, etc., however, I am frustrated in adding photos and not being able to view outcome without going into print view - unless I am doing something wrong.
    You have been most helpful in answering my questions, however, it would have been nice to have received a one page sheet giving more information on how to add photos, etc. with disc. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  25. I look forward to using

    Posted by on

    I look forward to using this - need more time to input recipes! Would like it if there were an option for more than one photo per page, like a collage - a sample of the handwritten recipe (scanned image), and the person who wrote it, for example. Lovely personalization option to have the biography, though.

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